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MORGAN JONES and Partners maintains a current, real time bridge and online platform of stocks, bonds and related public quoted worldwide securities. MORGAN JONES and Partners over the past many decades has bridged the old tickers to Quotron to the vast array of nano-stock market information, reference and related information available.

MORGAN JONES and Partners understands the value of and impact surrounding global and regional stock markets, securities LISTINGS and public equities in the Growth Capital Solutions equation. In addition, we research, calculate and apply this public stock value proposition into and on each and every Capital Client situation analysis.

As the world becomes smaller and public markets continue to consolidate for global reach, service, listings, liquidity and 24/7 information, MORGAN JONES and Partners will continue to research, engineer, construct and maintain bridges into the stock and trades of public equities as markets continue to serve investors and fuel enterprise.

MORGAN JONES and Partners taps into a broad array of OPEN SOURCE public market information ranging from Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow-Jones and including CNBC Markets. Take a moment and explore, as an example of the bridge to public market information, CNBC Markets, BELOW;

MORGAN JONES and Partners would further invite you to explore the bridge to even the small cap public markets such as the Over the Counter, Bulletin Board market in the US, as an example of the new, latest and OPEN SOURCE of timely information.

Over time MORGAN JONES and Partners advocates and believes that even the smallest, most obscure and emerging public securities markets will be required to present and provide a bridge to transparent full and real time disclosure to be competitive in a global capital marketplace.

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“Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected."
- George Soros