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Capital Bridges

MORGAN JONES and Partners is in the tri-lateral and global bridge building business.

We believe in the vital understanding that the world is getting smaller, inter dependent and inter connected. This is, we know, not fast breaking news. The internet, satellite communications, intertwined financial markets, speed and logistical transportation and distribution systems, labor and the flowing ease of business travel has established a new world paradigm.

However, language, history, culture, social practices and national interest remain age-old barriers, which require bridges.

After 5000 years of inward, insular and isolated development, CHINA is coming of economic age and rising to it’s rightful place of prominence in the global business community.

This is the right time to understand, encourage and share in China and Asia’s explosion on our shared world stage … And build important bridges by and between fast emerging China and the long established industrial West of the Americas’ and Europe.

MORGAN JONES and Partners has the resident strategic bridge designers , architects, structural financial engineers and cultural stress researchers, to not simply lay the foundations, but erect, construct and build business and growth capital solution bridges across these geographic spans to enrich everyone using these pathways.

MORGAN JONES and Partners placed strategically through out China. We have witnessed the economic freedom, the power and force of China. We have monitored and understand the market dynamics, evolution of private property, contract, civil and business practice law. We know and are sensitive to the protection, the rules, regulations and gradual changes to the Peoples Republic of China market access.

Equally MORGAN JONES and Partners is in located in and has a notable history of success and understanding throughout the mature, sophisticated, fast moving and every changing information, high tech and services markets of the Americas’ and Europe.

For the small, mid-size and un-initiated large enterprise in China planning to go out and conqueror the sophisticated American and European markets alone by leaping across the vast cultural divides or conversely, the bold American or European businesses seeking access to China and it’s materially different recent state liberation business experience by winging across wide seas … Fortunes may be made or lost without the appropriate bridge to travel.

Looking to traverse the important divides between the 1.3 billion China consumer potential and the rest to the sophisticated and mature western financial, distribution, brand tech, communication , marketing west world will require sound, well-established bridges and MORGAN JONES and Partners.

If you would like more information about MORGAN JONES and Partners ability to design, develop and build a growth capital bridge for you and your enterprise, please feel free to contact us;

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“Bridges are the World cathedrals”