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Corporate Finance Services

For almost two decades, the principals, partners and associates of MORGAN JONES and Partners have been managing complex financial transactions that maximize value for our exclusive clients, while earning their trust and building long-term investment advisory relationships. We apply and integrate our corporate finance strategy as an integral part of our GROWTH CAPITAL SOLUTIONS.

Our commitment to remaining independent from any investment or lending affiliates ensures that we deliver unbiased guidance and the most competitive Client corporate finance solution.. It also promotes maximum competition among lending sources, helping to fully leverage value for our clients.

Securing financing or capital resources can be a complex process. Structuring a favorable transaction requires extensive knowledge of debt and equity capital markets and sources, the analytical skills to compare competing offers, and the transaction expertise of a knowledgeable advisor to maximize value.

Kenneth R. Jones
Managing & Chief Executive Partner

With MORGAN JONES and Partners, our exclusive clients work locally with a senior principal, who can help our clients develop creative financing alternatives and recommend an appropriate course of action, identify prospective debt equity and joint venture partners, and work with them diligently to obtain the capital needed at the lowest possible cost.

MORGAN JONES and Partners acts as a strategist to help you grow your business, leveraging our firm’s wealth of experience and resources, including our international database of lenders, institutions and investors accruing years of capital sources and a litany of notable transactions.

Whether you are trying to finance your own business, the sale of your company, or the acquisition of another company … whatever your financing or capital resource needs … MORGAN JONES and Partners can and has helped our clients structure and close transactions at the lowest capital cost and under the best possible terms.

If you are sincerely interested in seeking and securing an appropriate GROWTH CAPITAL SOLUTION than please feel free to Contact Us:

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“Finance is the lubricant that reduces the friction of enterprise growth, expansion and development”
-Kenneth R. Jones

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