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Capital Planning

MORGAN JONES and Partners believes that the best time to consider engaging our unique range of “FULL Growth Capital Solution SERVICES” is when an enterprise is creating value and analyzing future capital needs, use and requirements.

We are knowledgeable and experienced across the spectrum of most business models. From boardroom to backroom, MORGAN JONES and Partners can be a trusted and effective capital-planning advisor on a variety of strategic and tactical topics.

MORGAN JONES and Partners has strength of competencies evolved from strategist, planners, financiers, treasurers, chief financial officers, controllers, M&A to our current unique GROWTH CAPITAL SOLUTIONS professionals … from backgrounds as business owners, commercial attorneys, certified accountants and senior corporate financial executives. We appreciate the wisdom of Warren Buffet, which we keep in mind … “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

At MORGAN JONES and Partners, we believe, advocate and practice the age-old premise of “GROWTH BY OBJECTIVES”.

When the end objective is creating wealth and value for owners, shareholders, stockholders and eventual stakeholder communities MORGAN JONES and Partners can serve as a trusted advisor in capital planning for those few exclusive clients along the way. The boundaries of the consulting services we provide are constantly evolving. Our traditional services include:

  • Strategic Capital and financial Plan [ Five Year ]
  • Near Term Capital and Financial Plan [ Two –Three Year ]

At MORGAN JONES and Partners, our first prospective client question is; “Do you have a Five Year plan and, premised upon that, Annual Operating and related subset plans including a Capital Plan”.

While the answer may be, in most cases and with pride, “YES”, we would make our first post execution of a Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement … To review the client’s range of plans as our beginning point in creating a new “GROWTH CAPITAL SOLUTION” with special attention to the Capital Plan.

If you would like to discuss and find out more about MORGAN JONES and Partners capital planning services, please feel free to contact us;

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"Capital Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now"
–Alan Lakein

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