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MORGAN JONES and Partners, it’s Principals, Managing Partners, Partners, “Of Counsel” Strategic Advisors and alliance partners have over a combined multi-century and thousands of Capital Client background, history and relationships, built bridges throughout the Americas’, Europe, China and worldwide.

MORGAN JONES and Partners Capital Client relations touches all industries, scale, size, scope and complexity, spanning fully the past 50 years of globalization. From small start-ups such as Fridgomatic Corporation to industrial giant mainstays like General Electric Company.

Collectively, the principals, partners and advisors of MORGAN JONES and Partners have provided Capital Client growth capital solutions representing venture capital in the hundreds and thousands of dollars to major syndicated public offerings in the multiples of millions of dollars.

For a small and partial category list of past and current Capital Clients who have sought, engaged, used and continue to apply the growth capital solution services of MORGAN JONES and Partners, click here.

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“Those in the pursuit of excellence, in the services of keeping great company, are known by the great companies they keep”
- Kenneth R. Jones