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MORGAN JONES and Partners understands, believes in and encourages brand, brand attributes, brand values and the eventual appreciation of brand equity. We recognize that people, families, households, business, professions, societies and yes, even cultures, are bridged by and build bridges through brands.

MORGAN JONES and Partners is persuaded that whether mass consumer market brands like Coca Cola or Nestle or Johnson & Johnson or McDonald’s or Hilton Hotels or Armani or Nike or Sony or Disney or Air China or Business-2-Business Brands or Industrial or even aerospace, defense or government brands …. The world considers, evaluates and eventually makes the serious purchase decision by buying a known brand

The old purchase adage “No one ever got fired for buying IBM is as relevant today as ever.

MORGAN JONES and Partners asks the bridging GROWTH CAPITAL SOLUTIONS question … are the established industrial Western brand norms, applicable in the mass, newly emerging and vast China marketplace? And, are any of the current small, unknown and rising China brands applicable to enter, penetrate, be recognized and compete in the mature and sophisticated industrial Western markets like the Americas’ and Europe?

CHINA, INC. has become the FACTORY of the worlds brands. Whether it is a Fisher-Price or Mattel or a Hasbro children’s toy or a Samsung, Sony, Philips or Emerson HDTV Flat-Screen TV … Or whether it is a H P or Apple or Dell laptop computer or a Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Converse athletic shoe it is MADE IN CHINA … The important question is, as CHINA INC emerges on the world stage devoid of global brands, distribution and related channels to world markets … what is CHINA INC.’s global brands strategy?

MORGAN JONES and Partners has research and holds scientific process, methods and answers to this important and success-oriented bridge spanning question… Of equal and timely importance to both China’s enterprise interest to expand into world markets and America’s and European ventures desiring to access China … Branding will be one of the key drivers to eventual success for both constituencies … And MORGAN JONES and Partners has winning solutions to cross the needed growth branding bridges.

If you have questions about your brand strategy to bridge the global divides, please feel free to contact us.

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"Any damn fool can create a marketing and advertising campaign, but it takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand."
- David Ogilvy