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New Market Growth Research

MORGAN JONES and Partners recognizes, understands and appreciates the value mastering new markets. The size, scope, depth, distribution channels and unique nuance, structures and historical established platforms all have a profound impact on the speed and successful access to specific markets. This is especially true in considering access to the Mega emerging market likes China for Western Industrialized goods, products, services and brands, as well as the little known well-developed global markets for Chinese enterprises starting to stretch their new found global market interest … MORGAN JONES and Partners offers a full range of new market and marketing research services in a wide variety of research categories and industries. Our core competencies are in the principal market research categories and in particular intellectual property rights.

New market size, scope, scale, channels, segments, geo distribution information and statistical data are of critical entry, access and strategic value in planning any new market investment. MORGAN JONES and Partners undertakes both Basic Research [ i.e. statistical abstract ] and Applied Research [ i.e. survey, questionnaire, interview ] to develop the more comprehensive source data research to underwrite new market access, strategies and plans.

Brand Research
Brands play a critical role in all marketing, ideal buyer analysis and end purchase decision-making. They are the customer-facing expression of any business strategy. So why do so many companies know so little about their brands? Whether the enterprise, product(s) or services are just starting to define their brand or whether they have an established brand that is just chugging along … Accurate and timely information is available through brand research to move the brand image, identity, values and buyer demand forward.

MORGAN JONES and Partners branding research concentrates in six key areas to give you the critical information you need to manage the brand: creating a new brand strategy; understanding how far your brand can stretch; brand architecture; brand management; revitalizing brands and brand positioning.

New Product or Service Research
The failure rate of new product introductions is very high. Some estimates are that less than 20% of new products succeed! In order to increase the chances of new product success, turn to MORGAN JONES and Partners. Our experience in marketing research for identifying, developing and launching new products is second to none. Using both qualitative and quantitative research, we can help our clients identify customer dissatisfaction and unmet needs, generate and screen new product concepts, evaluate market feasibility (demand and value), identify compelling marketing benefits and messages, and track introduction, awareness and trial. Introducing new products without marketing research is like driving blind … much too risky! MORGAN JONES and Partners Market Research help our clients navigate the way to access, enter and exploit successful products, services and brands and their subsequent new product introduction.

Market and Marketing Surveys
In addition to our core general market research capabilities normally tied into corporate and growth capital solutions, MORGAN JONES and Partners is well experienced in conducting many different types of marketing research, including all types of Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer research studies, advertising effectiveness, attitude & testing, employee impact, marketing effectiveness, market segmentation, positioning and more.

MORGAN JONES and Partners can help our exclusive clients design and execute the best marketing survey possible, taking into consideration which aspects of your marketing efforts are being measured, available contact information, market segment, market size and structure, available budget, etc.

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