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MORGAN JONES and Partners bases our underlying integration of effective and exclusive GROWTH CAPITAL SOLUTION services on a platform of strategic corporate development planning. If a client is in the market to grow, expand and penetrate new dynamic market possibilities … which requires a powerful capital solution … a plan is in order.

Many different elements of strategic thinking are necessary to ensure this capital and eventual business success. MORGAN JONES and Partners offers a comprehensive toolkit of approaches to help our clients with specific needs around growth, globalization, competitive issues in the marketplace, and a number of other strategic and tactical concerns that may arise. The following are the core plan product / services, which anchor the MORGAN JONES and Partners platform

  • “PLAYBOOK”; Strategic and Corporate Development Planning [ five to twenty-five year ] and ongoing plan audit advisory services
  • Annual Business and Operating Plan Development and ongoing plan and management audit advisory services
  • “FRESH FOCUS”; Existing / current plan(s) review, analysis, management / board of directors report and revitalization strategies, recommendations and suggestions
  • Marketing, Brand and Sales Plan Development
  • Organization, Management and Professional Development

MORGAN JONES and Partners also assists in very specific strategic planning projects, to what we refer as “GLOBAL DYNAMIC PLANS”.

In this scenario’s MORGAN JONES and Partners, works with clients to formulate strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented in highly uncertain business environments … while also managing the risks.

For example, companies and their consultants have long used scenario planning as a tool for managing uncertainty … but often use scenarios that are slightly altered versions of the same future. We believe dynamic planning works best when it focuses on the elements of the future about which there is the greatest uncertainty. Will new regulations be passed? How long and severe of a downturn will we face in our sector? This approach yields a divergent set of dynamics that represents a plausible set of potential alternative futures. For each scenario, we can help our exclusive client build early-warning indicators that a dynamic is becoming more or less likely, a portfolio of strategic options, the no-looking back steps it can make under any dynamic, and the contingencies it should be prepared to consider.

Making the best decisions in today’s uncertain and rapidly changing environment also requires the right data at the adequate level of focus. MORGAN JONES and Partners can and has provided a dynamic Forward Looking approach and we can help our clients develop insights into the major trends that are likely to impact the global business environment over the next 10 to 15 years and assess the impact on their business.

If you would like to inquire further about our core corporate development and growth plan services like the “PLAYBOOK” or “FRESH FOCUS” or our Special Dynamic Plan capabilities, please feel free to contact us;

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“Plan your work, work your plan and only an act of God can alter you success”
– B. Joseph Vincent

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