Morgan Jones

Capital Industries

MORGAN JONES and Partners believes profoundly in the science of strategic GROWTH CAPITAL SOLUTIONS and it’s professional advisory services.

We believe that this scientific approach is industry, industrial and institutional classification sector and segment independent. We do not adhere to the philosophy that like some sciences such as medicine that to advance the prosperous and heal the sick you must be specialized.

MORGAN JONES and Partners applies seasoned reasoning in understanding our client’s current situation analysis and then undertakes all of the requisite professional services steps, processes and methods at our disposal to map a GROWTH CAPITAL SOLUTION. If this requires a specific industry expertise, resource, industry securities analyst or industry advisor we will harness this capability accordingly.

However, with this expressed we currently have identified and have resident professional expertise in the following industries ;
• Natural Resources • Mining and Energy
• Medical Healthcare Pharma and Biotech
• Digital Tech • I. T. and Communications • Agriculture
• Construction and Building • Transportation and Logistics
• Business and Financial Services • Heavy Industries
• Marketing and Media • Resort, Residential and Commercial Real Property
• Consumer Goods, Retail, Food Service & Hospitality
• Sports and Entertainment

If you would like to discuss one of our specific or other Capital Industries capabilities please feel free to contact us;

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Memorial Bridge, Washington DC, USA

“There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be an open frontier.”
-Charles F. Kettering