WELCOME to MORGAN JONES and Partners, a private, closed and prestigious provider of growth capital solutions. MORGAN JONES is an acclaimed innovator of unique and personalized capital creation platforms and advisory services for enterprise growth and development. MORGAN JONES and Partners has established and provides a growth capital bridge between Europe, the Americas’ and China.

Drawing upon the expertise of it’s founders, partners and associates, MORGAN JONES and Partners offers almost two decades of “By Appointment Only” private, aligned and integrated research, strategy, planning, capital packaging and placement, consulting professional services unlike any other advisory firm, with offices in China as well as in Europe and the US .

As China enterprise reaches out to open and gain-increasing access to the established developed worldwide capital markets, MORGAN JONES and Partners delivers.

As Americas’ and European enterprise reach out to open and gain increasing access to China, MORGAN JONES and Partners delivers.

To find out more about how to build growth capital solution bridges between China, the Americas’ and Europe, we invite you to visit MORGAN JONES Partners.Com. and contact us ….

By Appointment Only.